I walked into an evaluation where I was immediately told that the physical therapists had decided there was nothing they could do.

After accompanying your father until his death, what changed in your perception of old age?

Now that I am in my mid-80s, I have noticed how people are treating me differently from when I was younger. They often tell me how good I look, apparently trying to help me accept my aging.

An interview with theologian Dana Dillon about a consistent life ethic. According to Pew Research, the religiously unaffiliated in the U.S. population now stands at 26%, up from 17% in 2009.

A visually impaired young woman transforms suffering to help others. I’m 26 and study electronic engineering. When I was 8, I had an illness which was misdiagnosed as a brain tumor. This left me with a damaged optic nerve and poor eyesight. As a result, I often wondered about suffering and the reasons for it.

Charles Camosy, author of Resisting Throwaway Culture and Losing Our Dignity, on society’s changing view of life’s meaning and the value of suffering. We learned a lot of things from the pandemic — but one negative trend that we saw is definitely how easy it is to value one life over the other.

I went in for a routine, 20-week ultrasound. At this point, most expectant parents find out their baby’s gender. Since I was a high-risk patient due to my four previous C-sections, I was scheduled a little earlier to make sure that the baby was growing well and that there was no placenta accreta (a dangerous condition when the placenta becomes embedded).

A young woman shares her journey of healing after sexual assault. I had met a young man, and we started hanging out together. That night, circumstances led to him being in my apartment alone with me.

A psychologist discusses how to cope with pandemic stress and family options. Much has been written and discussed about pandemic-driven anxiety in our families and local communities.

How does one become a doctor? What does it mean to become able to help preserve the health and sometimes the life of someone else?Even today, at a time when technology plays an essential role in all areas of medicine,

How to be “pro-life”

Three years ago I got pregnant, when I was 22 years old. I was taking my last course in business management at college and I had a clear goal for my life post-graduation: to get a good job at a big company.

A marriage and family therapist shares effective strategies for building resilient unity in our relationships.

As her father lay dying from Covid, a daughter helped bring family reconciliation. In March, my 78-year-old father was admitted to the hospital. John, my youngest brother, had called me, explaining that Dad had a fever and was struggling to catch his breath.

The health emergency, which has seen many of us forced at home for a long time, has undermined one of the fundamental aspects of life: relationality.

HDC eutanasia

A diagnosis that left no hope and a mother who courageously chose to say “no” to euthanasia. But how could she explain this decision to her daughter who was only two and a half years old?

It has put my faith to fiery tests. Especially the fear of death. It becomes a very real possibility when you see so much death around you.

Not Dying Alone — Modern Compassionate Care

in the Covid-19 Pandemic. Dr. Wakam: I’m 5 hours into my ICU shift at a community hospital in Detroit when the results of another arterial blood gas return. My patient has been hospitalized for 3 days and is Covid-19–positive. Over the past 12

In two recent events, people with disabilities have been in the spotlight: the Paralympic Games in Rio and the fashion show of a Japanese designer. The first has made known to the public life stories and sports of great value;

The art of letting go

A mother journeys with her addict son. Here’s her story. My son’s drug addiction started around the time he finished high school. Both my husband and I had never done drugs, so at the beginning we were very naïve.

Facing fights about academic authorship. I work as a scientist in the agriculture division of a university. Throughout my years pursuing a science degree, and now a science career in academia, I have always found it challenging to live the spirituality of unity,

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