We have reflected on the importance of communication and the art of interrelating in Medicine. My task now is to talk about the significance and value of reciprocity. It is our conviction that knowing how to communicate and to enter into a relationship with another – whether this person is a colleague, a health worker, a patient or his/her relatives – requires a step farther: to arrive at a reciprocal relationship.

Libro: Comunicazione e relazionalità in medicina

Communication and Relationships in Medicine.

New Perspectives for Medical "Etiquette"

Rome, February 16-17, 2008


Preface (by Roberto Bernabei)
Address by the Holy Father
Address by the Italian Ministry of Health
Communication and Relationships in Medicine (by Chiara Lubich)

Everyday medical practice, as takes place in the context of inter-personal relationships, has always kept an extra-scientific dimension. The physician’s way of doing is concurrently influenced on one side by this humanistic component and on the other side by the clinical reasoning, grounded on objective, statistically analysed observations and on their biochemical and pathophysiological interpretation. However, it is common opinion that in the last decades the former of these two aspects of medicine is quite vanishing, pushed away by the scientific and technical progress and by socio-economic constraints.



The dignity of the human person in the plan of God
Anna Fratta

Reflections on medical and Trinitarian anthropology
Flavia Caretta

The world of health today and the spirituality of unity
Flavia Caretta

The contents of the world of health and its expressions
Teresa Filippi

Health today: an achievable balance

libro2 This volume, published by New Humanity in the Italian and English versions, contains the “Acts” of an international convention held on March 30 to April 1, 1991 at Castelgandolfo (Rome), consisting of dialogue and sharing of experiences and skills among participants from all over the world underlining a healthcare model based on reciprocity and brotherhood.

For Health Care Based on Communion – the Charism of Unity and Medicine

Libro : Per una sanità di ComunioneA collection of reflections presented during the meetings of doctors and healthcare workers promoted by the Focolare Movement; occasions for exchange of ideas and experiences of medical practice in the light of the Movement’s spirituality of unity.

The Introduction presents the spirituality and history of the Focolare Movement.


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